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#99 Jacob Roff

Following an incident that took place at King’s Lynn Stadium on the weekend of 18/19 August 2018, Roff has been issued with a ban from racing of 12 months for physical violence.

As Roff is already serving a suspension from racing, he will not be permitted to return to racing until 1 October 2019. This ban applies to all ORCi formula.

#28 Ian Govier/#99 Jacob Roff

The SSCA have found both Govier and Roff guilty of sending malicious and/or threatening messages to another driver and bringing the sport into disrepute. 

Both have been banned from racing for three months and will be allowed to return on 30 September 2018.

#570 Simon Venni

Following an incident at Kings Lynn on Saturday 21 October 2017, #570 Simon Venni has been issued with a one month ban for” high speed forceful fencing” which will be suspended for twelve months.

Venni is free to continue racing, but should he be found guilty of any similar offences during the twelve months then the 1 month would be added to the ban issued for the new offence.

#161 Billy Smith

Following an incident that took place at King’s Lynn on Sunday 25 June 2017  the SSCA has found Smith guilyt of verbal abuse towards another driver.

The SSCA have charged Smith with bringing the sport into disrepute and he has been issued with a three month ban from racing with immediate effect.

Smith can return to racing on 25 September 2017.


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